Suspension of Trading on the shares of companies

Based on the book of the Securities Commission No. (1444/10) in 8/4/2015.
Will be suspended from trading on the shares of shareholders companies contained therein as of 06/08/2015. Given the lack of honoring requirements of financial disclosure and provide the Commission with the final accounts for the financial year ended 12/31/2014.
1. North Bank for Finance and Investment.
2. Bank of Babylon.
3. Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank.
4. Elaf Islamic Bank.
5. Electronic Industries Company.
6. Modern Painting Industries Company.
7. Iraqi Company for Land Transport.
8. Baghdad, Iraq Company Public transportation and real estate investments.
9. Iraqi Company for transportation of petroleum products and goods.
10. Company Sadeer Hotel.
11. Mansour Hotel Company.
12. Company Palestine International Hotel.
13. Canadian company for the production of vaccines and veterinary medicines.
14. Economy Bank for Investment and Finance.
15. Baghdad Trading Company, and auto services.

The company, which is located in the hot spots:
1. carbonated drinks and mineral company for the northern region.
2. Modern construction materials industry company.
3. National Industries Company for household furniture.
4. Fallujah company for the production of construction materials.
5. Mosul company to amusement parks and tourist investments.
6. Company Assyria Hotel
7. National Company for Tourism Investment.
8. Civil tourist company in the Mosul Dam

Note: Companies that fall within the hot spots by providing disclosure by the President of the Board of Directors of the situation overall for the company to be returned for trading on Iraq Stock Exchange.

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