The launch of trading on the shares of Al khatem telecom Company

Based on the book of securities Authority No. (10/1130) in 10.06.2015 and letter No. (10/1074) 06.03.2015 in the “Insert ring Telecommunications Company in Iraq Stock Exchange and her No. 13/16 30 / 4/2015 necessary for the company’s shares trading in the Iraq Stock Exchange procedures

It will be trading on the launch of the company’s shares in the first trading session at 23/06/2015 after the company complied with Pmaord in correspondence above and deposit the shareholders’ register in the Iraqi Deposit Center, and the announcement of the start of the shareholders certificates of deposit and demonstrate the procedures below.

. Based on the book of the company No. (415) will be raised in 05/21/2015 national Company (LLC) in shareholder communications Company introduced the sale ring at least (25%), which represents (457,445,663,350) shares of Company the ring will not allow the seller to perform any purchase on the company’s shares until the completion of the sale of the above ratio.

. Based on the book of the company No. (415) in 21.05.2015 will be selling broker is spring Brokerage Company in the sale and purchase of securities.
3. The stock will be free to price in the first trading session in the Iraqi market and will be the closing price is the weighted average of all trades on the stock at this meeting.

Be ratio of the change at the next meeting (10%), up and down from the closing price, which is defined in the first session.
5. continue selling view of the above by the seller until full implementation in accordance with market mechanisms.

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